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RiverSpark is New York State's First Heritage Area. It was a pioneering initiative that has now led to a statewide system of such entities. Back in the 1970s, the Gateway played a critical role in creating it. From August 1997 through September 2010, under contract to the City of Troy, the Gateway staffed the RiverSpark Visitor Center in downtown Troy. During that time, as part of their destination-building initiative, the Gateway's Visitor Center staff brought the award-winning Troy Waterfront Farmers Market to downtown Troy, lured two out-of-state cruise boat lines into stopping in Troy for a popular downtown walking tour, helped put Troy's famed Tiffany treasures on the national map, and produced a popular downtown guide and map in partnership with the downtown businesses. Among other things. And from December 2002 through March 2015, the Gateway served as the Management Entity for RiverSpark.

To find out more about this Heritage Area, visit the RiverSpark website. That site itself is one of the many initiatives completed during the Gateway's tenure as the Management Entity.