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Putting the Past to Good Use in the Silicon Valley of the Nineteenth Century

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Would you like us to provide a lecture to your group? We'd be happy to oblige. We have some standard lectures that we offer, or for a special occasion, with enough lead time, we may be willing to prepare a special lecture for you.

Here are some of the more popular topics of our standard lectures:

"The Hudson-Mohawk Region: Silicon Valley of the Nineteenth Century"
(This is our signature lecture, encompassing the gist of our primary story line and mission as an organization. It is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.)

"A Million Horseshoes a Week: The Burden Iron Company in the Nineteenth Century"

"The Capital Region's Role in the Story of the U.S.S. Monitor"

"Bells, Bells, Bells: An Enduring Legacy from the Greater Troy Area, 1808-1951"

"Troy's Tiffany Treasures"

"Three Decades of Promoting Industrial Heritage: Lessons Learned from RiverSpark"

"Troy’s Gasholder House: World-Famous Icon of America’s Industrial Heritage"

If you would like us to offer such a lecture to your group, please go to "Contact Us" in the menu to the left and let us know what you have in mind. We very desperately need funding to keep our organization afloat, so we hope you will consider making a generous donation to the Gateway in return for our lecture, but it is part of our mission to educate the public about the internationally significant industrial heritage of this region, so we will be happy to provide you with a lecture pro bono if your organization hasn't sufficient funds to compensate us for our lecture.