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Past Gala Honorees have included the following:

John Hedley (1994)
TAP, Inc. (1995)
Thomas Phelan (1996)
Ellie Pattison (1997)
Senator Joseph L. Bruno (1998)
Diana S. and John G. Waite (1999)
Raona Roy and the Arts Center of the Capital Region (2000)
St. John's Episcopal Church of Troy (2001)
The Founders of the Gateway itself (2002)
Tthe Troy Pub & Uncle Sam Brewery (2003)
Lynn Kopka and the Washington Park Association (2004)
Dr. Jeanne Neff and The Sage Colleges (2005)
The North Mohawk Street Revitalization in Cohoes (2006)
The Founders of RiverSpark (2007)
Ada Gates Patton and Christopher Burden, Burden descendants, for rescuing historic Woodside Church (2008)
Carl Erickson and Troy’s Pottery District (2009)
Jeffrey and Deane Pfeil (2010)
The Adaptive Reuse of Pat’s Barn at the Rensselaer Tech Park (2011)
The Capital District Civil War Round Table (2012)
The 200th Anniversary of the Watervliet Arsenal (2013)
Ross Valve Manufacturing Co., Inc. (2014)
Marion Field, Michael Esposito, and the DeFazio Family as Founders of the Little Italy Neighborhood Association (2015)
Hezzie Phillips, John Johanson, and The Post Contemporary (2016)