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Donating stocks is easy.

Step one is to provide the following information to your investment advisor.
It should be all that's necessary for the transfer to be initiated.

Brokerage firm name: LPL Financial
Account number: 3474-1237
DTC number: 0075
Contact person:
Jared Reinstein
655 Patroon Creek Blvd
Albany, NY 12206
voice 518-451-2943
fax 518-862-9122
Alternate contact:
Cynthia Alaia
same address and fax

Name of account:
Hudson Mohawk Industrial Gateway
1 E Industrial Pkwy
Troy, NY 12180-5942
Tax ID 23-7269676

Step two, because the brokerage house will not provide the donor's name, you need to tell us at the Gateway that you've made the donation, indentifying the name(s) of the stock(s) transferred and the number of shares for each stock. We will then be able to record your contribution properly. We can be reached at Hudson Mohawk Industrial Gateway, 1 E Industrial Pkwy, Troy, NY 12180-5942, voice and fax 518-274-5267, email

Donating appreciated stocks may prove to be a particularly agreeable way for you to donate to us. By transferring the stocks directly to the Gateway, you should be able to avoid owing any taxes on the capital gains that accumulated as the stock increased in value, and under normal circumstances, you will be able to take an income tax deduction for the appreciated value of the stocks at the time of transfer to the Gateway. But, of course, the Gateway does not offer specific tax advice, so you should consult with your tax advisor regarding your particular tax situation.

Thank you!