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From 1808 until 1951, four foundries in and across the river from Troy cast and shipped bells to destinations all over the world. The following excerpt from Hudson Mohawk Gateway: An Illustrated History by Thomas Phelan describes the region’s bell industry:

“The greatest name in Gateway bells was undoubtedly that of Andrew Meneely. At seventeen he was apprenticed to Julius Hanks and even married one of Hanks’ daughters. In 1826 he founded his own firm in Gibbonsville. Meneely is credited with the invention of the ‘conical rotary yoke,’ later catalogued as ‘the most desirable and perfect rotary yoke in the world.’ His firm remained a family-held, single-product business for well over a century, casting some of the most important bells, pads, and chains used in this country and abroad.”

Some of these important bells include:

To this day, there are Meneely bells on every continent on the planet except Antarctica.

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