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Putting the Past to Good Use in the Silicon Valley of the Nineteenth Century

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The Burden Iron Works Museum is open to the public. We're here most weekdays from 10 to 6, and other times by appointment, but it is always best to contact us first to ensure our availability, because we currently lack sufficient staff to guarantee all of our hours. Also, during the winter, it's best to give us at least three hours of advance notice of your arrival, so that we can bring the main hall up to room temperature before you arrive.

Suggested donation at the door is $10.

Located in the former office of one of the most important firms in the history of iron and steel, the Burden Iron Works Museum educates visitors not only about the history of iron working in South Troy, but also about the transformation of the region around the confluence of the Hudson and the Mohawk Rivers into the Silicon Valley of the nineteenth century. Among other things, the area gave the world:

Perhaps most importantly, the region was arguably the first to use cutting-edge technology as the focus of a self-conscious effort to cultivate regional economic prosperity. In actions strikingly similar to those taken in California’s Silicon Valley in recent memory, during the American industrial revolution visionaries from all across the region deliberately constructed:

At the same time that it instills pride in the schoolchildren of the area—and showcases a structure that’s on the National Register of Historic Places—the Burden Iron Works Museum presents its story in a way that encourages thought­ful public discourse about the significance—yesterday, today, and tomorrow—of deliberate regional technology-based development in human societies. It is a window into the past and a model for the future.